~ Tara ~

Tara MaloufTara has been shooting professionally for about thirteen years.  Her friends, clients, and mentors have all noted how she "has an eye" for capturing the person - the child, the beloved, the relationship.  She loves capturing the essence of a moment and then using her tools and skills to make that moment come to life

Tara is one of those people you can't help but to really like (as is seen in what others say about her).  Maybe because she's more than just a photographer!  She has been married to David since 1992 with whom she has two kids.  She has studied dance, taught elementary school, written poetry and stories, and mentored / life-coached women in Arizona, California, and Washington.

You'll love her as a photographer.  You'll love her as a person.  You may even end up having coffee with her after all the photographs are finished and sent... it happens all the time!

sources: friends, past clients, colleagues
compiled by: David

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